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The harvests are a particularly important moment for us because they reward us for all the efforts made in the vineyard.

That is the reason why we make all the necessary arrangements to it a success.

The grapes are picked up by hand with a team of at least 25 people and can extend over 3 weeks depending on the vintage.

Indeed, only ripe grapes are picked up and when the optimum level of maturity is not reached, the picking up is stopped for 2 or 3 days.

Our team of harvesters is experienced and efficient as they come back every year. They are asked to work fast when the grapes are perfectly ripe.

So as to preserve as much as possible the picked-up grape quality, we use small 10 kg crates, which prevent the grapes from packing down and being handled.

Then, the crates are forwarded by truck to the Domaine where the grapes are strictly sorted out (it is not unusual to take out 10 to 20% of the grapes) on a dedicated table around which 6 people work.

From that moment, vinifications start…


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