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The most important moment in our activity, the harvest will reward all the efforts we have made in the vineyards.

This is why we take all the necessary measures for its success.

The harvest is done manually with a team of no less than 25 people and can be spread over three weeks, depending on the vintage.

Indeed, we only harvest ripe grapes and it often happens that we interrupt picking for 2 or 3 days to allow the plots to finish their ripening calmly.

We have an experienced team of pickers who return from one year to the next, who we ask to quickly harvest the grapes at good maturity.

In order to best preserve the quality of the harvested bunches, we work with small perforated boxes of 10 kg, which avoid compaction and manipulation between the vines and the vats.

The boxes are then transported by truck to the estate, where the grapes undergo a severe sorting (it is not uncommon to remove 10% to 20% of the grapes) on a purpose-built sorting table around which no less than 6 people are working.

It is after this phase that the vinification begins..........


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