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The ageing

During the entire ageing period we aim to intervene in a very discreet manner in order to give free expression to the terroirs we love.


For our white wines

The period will be spread over 12 to 14 months during which the malolactic fermentation will generally take place towards the end of January or during February.

Resting on the fine lees, we carry out lees stirring for our white wines, which consists of putting the lees back into suspension in the wine in order to obtain softer and more generous wines.

We taste the wines regularly during this period in order to determine the best time for bottling.


For our red wines

The ageing of our red wines is spread over 14 to 16 months with very little intervention on our part, as we prefer to leave the wines to rest on the lees rather than to rack them during the ageing.

We let the malolactic fermentation take place randomly and it is not uncommon to find certain barrels that have not yet started even in June !

The bottling takes place after we have blended the barrels from each appellation in order to obtain a homogeneous and even blend.

Now we just have to wait a few months, or a few years, and to start to taste……


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