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White wines

Following the sorting table, the grapes are directly forwarded to the press using a conveyor belt.

The pressing can start.

The juice from the grapes is harvested in a bucket and then put into barrels.

We make sure that woodiness serves our wines quality. That is the reason why, whatever the appellation is, we work with barrels from 1 to 4 wines.

Red wines

Following the sorting table, the grapes are 100% de-stemmed, and only the berries are forwarded using a conveyor belt to stainless steel fermentation tanks.

That is the time for alcoholic fermentation (sugar turning into alcohol) to begin.


The vatting time varies from one vintage to another, taking on average 25 days.

Every day, a punching of the cap and a pumping over are done in order to break the crust which is formed at the surface of each vat and homogenize each vatful. During that period, the Pinot Noir white juice will take on its beautiful colours.

When the alcoholic fermentation is over, each vatful is brought to the press; then, the wine is put in barrels from 1 to 4 wines.

The ageing can now start…


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