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The vinification

For our white wines

The berries are transported by conveyor directly from the sorting table to the press.

The pressing commences.

The grape juice is collected in a basin and then put into barrels.

We always make sure that the wood matches the quality of our wines. That is why, irrespective of the appellation, we work with 1 to 4 vintage barrels.


For our red wines

At the end of the sorting table the grapes are destemmed and only the berries are transported by conveyor to the stainless-steel fermenting vats.

It is at this point that the alcoholic fermentation starts (transformation of sugar into alcohol).

The time in vat varies from one vintage to another with the average being around 25 days.

Each day we carry out one punch down and one pump over in order to break the cap which forms on the surface of each vat and to homogenise each wine. It is during this period that the white Pinot Noir juice will take on the pretty colours that we know.

Once the alcoholic fermentation has finished, the contents of each vat are taken to the press and the wine will then be put into oak barrels of 1 to 4 vintages.

The ageing can then commence….


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