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Wine Advocate

Known by his guides on wine in which he comments his tastings, He then devotes himself to the discovery of vineyards and winemakers, his first text published on wine dates from 1975.

Parker wants the note to “allow the reader to situate the overall quality of a wine within a category, as assessed by a professional critic”.

La Revue des Vins de France

Since 1927, la Revue du Vin de France accompanies, illuminates and decrypts the evolution of the vineyard and celebrates these French wines that make the world dream. With two priorities : distinguish quality wines and defend the interests of consumers.
Every month, la Revue du Vin de France helps consumers make the right choices. Thanks to the expertise and pracitcal advice of our experienced tasters, they be better informed to taste, buy, preserve and serve the best wines throughout the year.

The Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator is a very famous and influential American wine magazine. It publishes numerous sections on wine in general. 
The WIne Spectator was born in 1976 by its creator, Bob Morrisey. Today, it's Marvin Shanken, editor in chief, and owner of the magazine since 1979.

The Wine Spectator offers tasting notes that are influential and awaited by readers. It should be noted that these ratings represent a real impact on the wine rating and can therefore influence the market. 

Bourgogne Aujourd'hui

Since 1994, Bourgogne Aujourd’hui is the top of the range and contemporary magazine for Burgundy wines.

Bourgogne Aujourd’hui simply makes discover Burgundy wines through tasting, files, restaurants, regions, modernity and omnipresent esthetism.

The purchase guide for Burgundy appellations enables the readers to buy their wines without making the wrong decision.

Le Figaro Magazine

Weekly magazine from the Figaro group, the Figaro Magazine regularly publishes “Special Wine” supplements in which famous wine columnists such as Frédéric Durand Bazin (author of the following article) express themselves.

Echos des Communes

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