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The Terroir

The concept of “terroir” (i.e. soil) is rooted in the work of monks. They discovered, identified and developed the different types of soils. Several centuries were necessary for this medieval concept to be officially recognized with the creation of the I.N.A.O and labels of origin.

 The essence of terroir consists above all of the soil and subsoil from which the vine draws its nutritious elements. Thanks to those two components, the vine will create the secret alchemy of colours, aromas and flavours.

 If the type of soil is the key element to determine a terroir, many other natural factors will influence the quality of the wine, its typicity and expression: the exposure of the parcel, its altitude, how deep is the soil and how it is drained, the weather conditions and the microclimate.

 Finally, the role of humans is key in making wine: in the vineyard, according to the choice and practice of different cultivation methods, from pruning to harvest, and in the cellar during the vinification and the ageing.



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