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Francine & Marie-Laure

Marie Laure, the elder sister, first studied theory at the viticultural high school in Beaune with many other local winegrowers’ children. When turning 18, she was hired by the Domaine and started working with her father in 1988.

Indeed, since early childhood, she went with her grandfather to the vineyard where he taught her all the secrets regarding the land work (pruning/cut, removing the suckers, disbudding, ploughing, etc…)

Francine joined her sister in 1995.

Beforehand, Francine got her high school diploma with a scientific bias at the Clos Maire high school in Beaune in order to go to the Faculty of Pharmacy.

But the call of the Terroir made her change direction and finally she decided to start viticulture studies in 1994 to learn all the necessary elements to run one’s Domaine.

Everything happened at once when their father died in1995, Marie Laure and Francine suddenly found themselves at the top of the Domaine when they were 25 and 23 years old respectively.

They have been inseparable for 17 years now, in the vineyard or in the cellar, working with the same passion, the same level of demand and always together.


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